Necron Triarch Stalker Conversion (No Pilot)

After building some Necron wraiths, and a Canoptek Spyder I’ve real got the “bug”* for the Canoptek constructs.I liked the look of the Triarch Stalker but didn’t like the idea of it being a piloted vehicle, I want my automated Necron creapy crawlies 🙂 So after seeing many many versions of Stalkers being converted using … Continue reading “Necron Triarch Stalker Conversion (No Pilot)”

Armies on Parade 2016

Having never been able to get to an Armies on Parade day, I was happy to get the chance to visit the local GW store (Warhammer Lincoln) this weekend. Was great to see the store so busy with 12 entries.  I was there to see the The Tau Kor’vesa Initiative that I’ve been watching progress on Spikey … Continue reading “Armies on Parade 2016”

WordPress 4.5 Custom Logo API: Getting the logo URL

WordPress 4.5 is here with a new API for a Custom Logo. Just by adding an add_theme_support like this:  add_theme_support(‘custom-logo’); Remember it’s best called in the after_setup_theme hook. So now you’ll have a logo selector in your themes customiser.  You can then use the following to detect the logo, echo the logo or return the logo as … Continue reading “WordPress 4.5 Custom Logo API: Getting the logo URL”