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Starting out as just a website for my Minecraft server, Sabletopia is now on outlet for my tech blogs, reviews and any other ramblings too long to fit in a tweet. I’ll keep improving the site and tweak as I add more contents and work out exactly what I want to write about!

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MobHealth 7.1.0 Now Available

MobHealth 7.1.0 is now out and available for download. This release contains fixes for compatibility with plugins.  As fell as new features in the form of the HealthBar system. ChangeLog 6.0.0: Updated support for Heroes, Like A Boss and Corruption. Added Auto Updater. – Edit config ‘doUpdate’ to disable. 6.1.0: New healthbars options. 6.1.1: Detect … Continue reading “MobHealth 7.1.0 Now Available”

WordPress Developer Debug.

When developing themes and plugins for WordPress I often find myself with the dreaded white page – or just half a page with no useful error information. You may already know about the WP_DEBUG constant, if you don’t its found in your wp_config.php file and you just change it to… define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); to turn it on debugging. Chances are that with this turned … Continue reading “WordPress Developer Debug.”