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https://developerfox.com/Starting out as just a website for my Minecraft server, Sabletopia is now on outlet for my tech blogs, reviews and any other ramblings too long to fit in a tweet. I’ll keep improving the site and tweak as I add more contents and work out exactly what I want to write about!

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Sites don’t have to look good to work…

Whilst working as a Web Developer on many sites I’ve often had clients far more focused on aesthetics than function. This obsession has included things as specific as being asked to move text one pixel to the left, to the more vague “bold, bolder, bolder…less bold”. This has even lead to me developing a sixth … Continue reading “Sites don’t have to look good to work…”

Search Relevance 2.0

Search relevance has been updated to 2.0 adding new features to control the display of  relevance score, highlighting search terms and custom excerpts focused on the relevant part of the post. Still giving you amazingly relevant search results, out of the box, without the need for complicated indexing. If you have any ideas/requests for simple … Continue reading “Search Relevance 2.0”

MobHealth 7.1.0 Now Available

MobHealth 7.1.0 is now out and available for download. This release contains fixes for compatibility with plugins.  As fell as new features in the form of the HealthBar system. ChangeLog 6.0.0: Updated support for Heroes, Like A Boss and Corruption. Added Auto Updater. – Edit config ‘doUpdate’ to disable. 6.1.0: New healthbars options. 6.1.1: Detect … Continue reading “MobHealth 7.1.0 Now Available”