Necron Triarch Stalker Conversion (No Pilot)

After building some Necron wraiths, and a Canoptek Spyder I’ve real got the “bug”* for the Canoptek constructs.I liked the look of the Triarch Stalker but didn’t like the idea of it being a piloted vehicle, I want my automated Necron creapy crawlies 🙂 So after seeing many many versions of Stalkers being converted using … Continue reading “Necron Triarch Stalker Conversion (No Pilot)”

Armies on Parade 2016

Having never been able to get to an Armies on Parade day, I was happy to get the chance to visit the local GW store (Warhammer Lincoln) this weekend. Was great to see the store so busy with 12 entries.  I was there to see the The Tau Kor’vesa Initiative that I’ve been watching progress on Spikey … Continue reading “Armies on Parade 2016”

T’au Farsight Enclaves: The Eight

After reading the Mont-Ka book it wasn’t long before I decided I had to make may own version of The Eight. With 8 strong characters to model it seemed a shame that the ‘official’ team uses stock models (excluding Farsight of course). Whatever the Onegar Gauntlet is it’s clearly invisible! Likewise Brightswords’s Fusion Blades states “they are, in appearance, heavily modified fusion blasters.”, but they look typical on the model.

So much cutting and kitbashing later. Here’s my take on the Eight.