Necron Triarch Stalker Conversion (No Pilot)

After building some Necron wraiths, and a Canoptek Spyder I’ve real got the “bug”* for the Canoptek constructs.
I liked the look of the Triarch Stalker but didn’t like the idea of it being a piloted vehicle, I want my automated Necron creapy crawlies 🙂

So after seeing many many versions of Stalkers being converted using a Spyder kit I decided to give it a go.


Here’s the end result.

How to make

To put this together you’ll need a Necron Canoptek Spyder and a Triarch Stalker. You’ll use almost all of the Spyder, more than you do when you make just a Spyder in fact! For the Stalker you’ll make its legs and and use it’s weapon assembly – but the entire pilot part will be spare… I’m looking for ways to use it already 🙂

Firstly you’ll need to assemble the Stalker legs. If you’ve got the new 9th ed version – your following steps 3a to 4c. i.e., just build the legs.

Just skip step 3d to leave off this bit:

Next put together the two halves of the Spyder abdomen. Cut the peg of the lower “dome” where it attaches. I trimmed the angle of the part pictured above so it can be glued neatly to the abdomen like this:

Next we make the top section. Take the top part of the Spyder body and its two coverings. These instead go under. Cut the notches so they can fit flush.

Then you can make the Spyder head, attach the larger of the “domes” to it.

Now attach the head to the body – look for the socket without the “notch” for the front.

Then you can glue it to the top 🙂 Try to line up the middle of the circle with the line between the two middle legs.

Next you can attach the mandibles. I had to widen the dockets by running my mouldline remover around the edge. I used the Spyder front legs for these.

Next I did the underside. This got very cluttered, the smaller claws where fine – but the middle set, what where the Spyders legs, is a bit fiddlier. You just have to make sure you angle them to look OK around the main legs. You could leave those off if you wanted it less “busy” underneath.

Firstly I shaved down the underneath of the legs to give the Spyder bottom a better surface to fit on. Make sure the single hole goes to the rear – it would be the hole for the stand on the Spyder. Also make sure that the two middle Spyder “leg sockets” line up so they are either side of the middle legs.

Then I added various small claws/tools.

Next I added the Legs. I used the Stalker mandibles for the front legs – and then the 6 remaining Spyder legs. Each was angled to avoid the main legs.

I then added a the spare Spyder head to cover the front gap. Just trim off the mandible from it.

I also added a spare head from another Spyder to cover a gap at the rear – if you have one. I made the mistake of adding that at the end – but it was hard to reach after adding the top weapons – so best to add it now if you have one. I think a spare wraith head would work too.

Now I attached the abdomen at the rear.

Next I made the weapon assembly.
Build your chosen stalker weapon and the Spyder weapon. Then just glue them together. I added superglue to strengthen – you may want to go all-out and put a metal rod in – this is gonna be a delicate joint. Note that the “dome” on the spider is just dry fitted in the pics – DON’T glue that bit on just yet 😉

Now take the Spyders Gloom Prism and glue it to the front of the Sypder guns and then add the that i mentioned above. You’ll need to trim a peg off the Spyder guns to make them flat.

Then glue it (probably need something stronger than plastic glue again here!).

And there you go. That’s how I made my stalker.

You could attached the abdomen using the top “ball” not the lower one. You could dispense with all the claws underneath and mound the weapon in the usual stalker way underneath. Lots of options available to make it how you prefer.

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again!

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