Search Relevance 2.0

Search relevance has been updated to 2.0 adding new features to control the display of  relevance score, highlighting search terms and custom excerpts focused on the relevant part of the post.

Still giving you amazingly relevant search results, out of the box, without the need for complicated indexing.

If you have any ideas/requests for simple features to add, just hit that comment button now!  Just remember I want to keep this nice and lightweight and simple to use 😉

Reviews have already started to come in – and they’re looking good!
Over at Li-An said

A little comparison with Relevanssi shows me a gain of 1.5 seconds on the results page of my most used word. This is for now, in my opinion, the most interesting alternative to the default search WP for people who are looking for quick results.


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2 thoughts on “Search Relevance 2.0”

  1. I realize that your search plugin is supposed to be lightweight and just needs the bare minimum, but is there any way to configure it to search custom fields? Like maybe with some added code to my functions.php?

    1. My plugin only actually modifies the sort order not the mechanism for selecting.

      Did you want to include custom fields into the results? Or weight the results if a custom field matches?

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