Joining Imagiscape

Lots of new things happening in the world of Sabletopia.

Firstly I’ve joinned the team at ImagiScape as one of their plugin developers.  Already my first plugin for them (ZombieMod) is providing several different flavours of zombie for their Zombie Apocalypse server.  I’m also working on bringing the wiki uptodate 🙂

Sabletopia has now moved over to join with my plugin testing server, so it’ll have lots of new weird things.  Already it has a new flatlands WorldGenerator, and I’m testing Cityword to see if I can make it more apocalyptic so we can have an infinite MmineCraft city!

Existing projects continue – MobHealth is now on version 4.8.2 (4.8.3 is coming out soon).  And my super secret project is still, well.. secret but progressing well 😉

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