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Welcome to Sabletopia

Starting out as just a website for my Minecraft server, Sabletopia is now on outlet for my tech blogs, reviews and any other ramblings too long to fit in a tweet.

Will keep improving the site and tweak as I add more contents and work out exactly what i want to write about!

Thanks for reading,

Calm down dear, its only a messaging app!

August 4, 20142:15 pm

Recently I’ve noticed that an article about the “Insidiousness of Facebook Messenger” is doing the rounds again.

Twitter was too short for me to make my full rant about this…
So here’s the full force.

Pebble Smartwatch Review

January 21, 20149:02 pm

I’d been eyeing up the Pebble Smartwatch for a while and after much unsubtle hint dropping I received an early Christmas present. I thought now would be the perfect time to post a review based on real-world usage and living with it, instead of just first impressions and a quick play…

Content is King, but don’t forget the Prince…

November 3, 20139:26 pm

If you have any involvement in SEO you’ll have heard the phrase “Content is King”. ¬†Google has for many years been trying to make the content of a page the most important aspect and for the most part it has achieved that goal this year. I’ve always said to any person that would listen that […]

Sites don’t have to look good to work…

November 2, 20134:52 pm

Whilst working as a Web Developer on many sites I’ve often had clients far more focused on aesthetics than function. This obsession has included things as specific as being asked to move text one pixel to the left, to the more vague “bold, bolder, bolder…less bold”. This has even lead to me developing a sixth […]